A conversation about conservation on the radio

After attending the Australian Marine Science Association conference in Perth in July and tweeting out as much of the interesting science as I could, I was asked to be a guest on the ABC far north Queensland radio morning show with Phil Staley (my first ever radio appearance!). He has a regular segment called Conservations with Paul Webster where they discuss local and global science and conservation news and get scientists on to chat about their research and conservation in general. Below is the link to the episode I featured on, with lots of cool photos and footage added by Paul. Have a watch to find out why blue carbon is so important, why seagrasses are AWESOME, and why someone shaved off half of their beard…!

The latest Conservations podcast filmed and recorded live from the ABC Far North studio/radio with Phil Staley Abbi Scott and Brett Krause. Covering the Sea Grass meadows of the GBR tree planting hydrogen trains and much more